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Company Profile

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Our IMPACT translators have assisted VOOYA with the content of their website and company profile. We helped identify the proper English terms to better communicate their perspective and core business to suit their target market’s language.

It is not merely translating Indonesian words to English, it is the art of translating VOOYA’s passion and ideas into written words in order for it to be felt by the readers.

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Language Proofreading

Missing A Word,
Missing Opportunities

This language service ensures that your written content delivers ideas clearly with the correct choice of vocabulary and language style as well as accurate spelling and grammar.

Wrong words can lead to bad judgement from your target audience or reader.

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Journals & Articles
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Media & Advertising Content

Case Study

The Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia has several employees that need to present their journals at international conferences. Therefore, one of the requirements is that the delivery of the writing content must meet international standards.

Our IMPACT editors have proofread a variety of journals and topics to make sure they meet the criteria. Our editors work hand in hand with the authors of the journals to make sure that not only is the writing accurate in grammar and spelling, but also that the message is clear in context.

Our Service

Language Certification

Nothing To Gain
From A Lower Score

This service equips participants with the necessary skills and support to attain English International certification.

International exams are used as a method to standardize competency and provide opportunities to venture abroad.

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Case Study

IDX employees are required to take the TOEIC® exam as a means to standardize employee competency as well as a requirement to achieve promotion or further opportunities such as the chance to conduct comparative studies abroad.

In order to help those employees reach a certain TOEIC® result, our IMPACT facilitators train IDX employees to fully prepare for the exam and equip them with the necessary tools to help them succeed.

Our Clients

We help them succeed. Let’s start on yours.

Tempo Scan
Bank BTN
BNI Life
BPJS Kesehatan
The Body Shop
Bank Permata
Bank BCA
Bank DKI
CIMB Niaga
Bank BNI
Bank Mandiri
Schneider Electric

"I can’t believe the progress of my team’s English abilities in their reading and speaking after following IMPACT intensive class. My team was so confident in presenting their improvement in ICQCC, Malaysia. I believe that the Gold Medal we got in ICQCC was achieved with the support of IMPACT. Bravo IMPACT!"

Helminton J. Sitanggang - PT Antam (Persero), TBK

“Training with IMPACT is very interesting and fun because it is supported with great facility and interactive trainers therefore the participants can easily understand the lesson delivered.”

Sari Rahmi Utami - Bank Mandiri

“All of the trainers are friendly and creative. Games are given to make the training more fun and easy to comprehend. The trainers encourage all participants to take part by giving practical sessions individually or in a group with comprehensive delivery, giving them some insights on what to do next in their daily work. Overall, Impact could tailor what clients need and even give input to deliver the program effectively.”

Mariana Farida - The Body Shop Indonesia

“IMPACT gives a great Business Communication training with fun and friendly trainers.”

Billian Zakaria - Samsung Electronics Indonesia

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